A viable curriculum is one that guarantees that the curriculum being taught is the curriculum being assessed. Essential content is the knowledge and skills that students need to know, understand, and are able to do in order to succeed in school.

一个可行的课程是保证所教授的是可评估的。 基本内容是学生需要知道,理解并能够在学校里成功地获得所需的知识和技能。

The term curriculum is viewed in two different ways: the macro and the micro. The macro curriculum refers to curricular programs while the micro curriculum refers to subjects.

课程这个术语有两种不同的方式来看:宏观和微观。 宏观的课程是指课程计划,而微观的课程是指课程内容和体材。

Curricular Programs

The 《Chinese》 textbook was written in 1996 by Chinese Language School of Jinan University for overseas Chinese students of “Weekend Chinese Schools” in Europe and North America. There are 12 books in total. The purpose of this textbook is to enable students to learn, and obtain the basic ability to listen, speak, read and write in Mandarin Chinese and understand the general knowledge of the Chinese culture.


Starting from the age of primary school students, living environment and psychological characteristics of the teaching objects, scientifically arrange the words, words, sentences, chapters and other content of the textbooks, step by step to set up home works, in order to learn from each other, apply what they have learned, and cultivate students’ learning. Interest, inspire students to think positively and improve their ability to use Chinese. At the same time, it compiled from many other overseas Chinese textbooks and teaching experiences, and strives to achieve the unity of teaching and training, learning and use, and in terms of content and style, graphic layout, question type design and teaching concept. Innovative.


If you want to learn Chinese, a suitable Chinese textbook is, without a doubt, necessary. Different learners have various needs, and the best textbooks are the ones that are relevant and interesting to you. At UAA, we believe that with classroom setup combine and individual focusing is the most effective way of learning Chinese language.

如果你想学习中文,毫无疑问,合适的中文教科书是必要的。 不同的学习者有各种各样的需求,最好的教科书是那些与你相关和有趣的教材。 在环球中文学校,我们相信通过课堂和个人投入是学习中文的最有效的方式。

Selection of Subject Matter and Content

The selection of subject matter for micro curriculum employs the key criteria which govern the instruction.

In conclusion, the school administration and teachers are either directly or indirectly involved in the selection of subject-matter.