Welcome to Universal Advance Academy 环球中文学校

Universal Advance Academy Welcome to Universal Advance Academy 环球中文学校

环球中文学校成立于1991年9月,至今已运作了28年,是菲沙河谷地区最早最大的中文学校。学校的老师都富有丰富的教学经验和爱心,使用最有效的教材及教法,配合B.C.省中文课程及中文挑战考試题材,采用简体字教学和繁体字对照,并使用世界通用的汉语拼音辅助—英文字母代表的拼音法,使在加拿大生长的学生,易於接受及学习,成效最高! 本校招收五岁以上从幼儿园至十二年级的学生,按照个人程度分班。同時開辦成人口語課程。

Mandarin (Chinese Language) is the most widely-spoken language on Earth, and is the native tongue of nearly a billion residents of this wonderful blue marble. For centuries the most advanced empire on earth, China and its language have been shaping the fields of science, medicine, technology, and music since the early days of civilization. But you live now, in the present, and Chinese is as relevant now as it has ever been. With its economy is the second world’s largest, students, employers, and professionals are flocking to classrooms to learn Mandarin.