Chinese Language Programs – Mandarin K-G12

Universal Advance Academy Chinese Language Programs – Mandarin K-G12

Choose from a variety of day and evening classes in Mandarin Chinese, from beginning through advanced levels. Accelerated and Intensive classes are available in Summer Quarter.

Classes are composed of motivated children and adult learners. Experienced and patient native instructors with relevant academic and cultural training establish a relaxed yet rigorous learning environment suited to the needs of all level learners. From the first day of instruction, students are immersed in the sounds and structures of the language. Through drills, games, songs, written and oral exercises, and role-playing, instructors guide students through the grammar and syntax and help them on their way towards linguistic proficiency. Regular review and homework exercises detailed in class syllabuses ensure that students stay abreast of the material.

We also offer challenge examination tutorials, and PIN YIN Classes and Adult Conversation customizable class. We staff with experienced and qualified teachers and use the most up-to-date textbooks in accordance to the British Columbia School Board curriculum. We believe teaching simplified Chinese Characters and also use Traditional Chinese Characters for enhancement and reference purposes is the most effective way to integrate Chinese cultural into the mainstream lifestyle in Canada and North America.

Here are some of the customizable sample classes.

Mandarin Chinese Entry Level (K & G1-G3)
In this beginning class, students acquire a basic practical knowledge of Chinese. The phonetic nature of Chinese makes for rapid mastery of pronunciation and correct tones. As far as possible, instructors conduct class in Chinese, using English to clarify difficult points. The basic Chinese grammar and sentence patterns are introduced step-by-step, along with approximately a handful Chinese characters per lesson. Traditional and modern Chinese cultures are explained and discussed throughout the course. For example, by the end of the classes, students will know how to introduce themselves and greet others, count numbers from zero to a million, tell times and dates, discuss hobbies and daily routines, and write brief dialogues.

Mandarin Chinese Advanced Conversation
Advanced Conversation is a continuing class for adult students who possess advanced proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking Chinese and wish to maintain and improve their language skills in a structured setting.