Why UAA?

UAA strives to create and sustain the most optimal Chinese language, arts, and culture education environment that inspires and enables all students to achieve self-confidence and success and to positively impact the modern multicultural society. We believe that our students’ ability to listen, read, speak, write and understand two languages, as well as their insight into the interconnectedness of cultures, will offer them enhanced cognitive, career and life opportunities.

In our globalized day to day life, the need to speak languages other than English or French is undeniable in Canada. In addition to the practical benefits of speaking other languages for business and job opportunities, knowledge of another language opens the door to other cultures and different ways of viewing the world we share. We are committed to promoting oral and written fluency in Mandarin while exposing students to the history and cultures and traditions of Chinese civilizations. Our Summer Program speaks to our belief in creating authentic learning experiences for our students. In approx. 6th plus grade, our students will travel to China and region respectively for weeks of Chinese immersion experience.

In school, our teachers use a dynamic approach which incorporates a broad array of tools and materials including best practices such as pair and small group work, student-led classes or student presentations which deliberately target all learning styles.

UAA is in the unique position of being a leader in developing K through G1-12 grade Chinese language education in the region. Our curriculum selection and methodology accommodate both our students does not speak and who has limited access to Chinese at home.

Our mission is to embrace the Chinese Language as an important aspect of your lifestyle powered by the abilities and skills to understand the language which support the rich culture of the ancient civilization of China. This is Why UAA.